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Elimination - The object of the game is to eliminate all the opposing teams for the win.

Capture the flag - The objective for each team is to advance towards the other teams base to obtain the flag. The first team to eliminate the other team or to reach the other teams base with the flag wins.

Center flag - The object of the game for each team is to capture the center flag and bring the flag to the opposing team wins.

Save the president - The object of the game is to save the president from a terrorist group. The president is unable to carry a paintball marker and also the president can not move by himself, he must move along with at least one bodyguard. The goal of the game is to eliminate all terrorists or to return the president to a designated area.

Kill the leader - This game is much like save the president but with a twist, the leader may have a paintball marker. The goal is for the opposing team to kill the leader. If the leader get killed first, the whole team will lose the game.

Sniper - The object of the game is to eliminate all of the snipers before they eliminate you. The snipers will be provided a chance to hide anywhere they like in the field. The opposing team is to search and destroy all snipers.

Terminator - The aim of this game is to inflict as much punishment as possible! The terminator can only be killed by shooting them in a specific body part, such as head, arm or leg. The goal is to kill all terminators. Keep the terminators from reaching your base. Game is over when all terminators have been killed or made it to the base.

Attack and defend - One team will be defenders and the other team will be attackers. The object of the defenders is to protect their flag from being capture by the attackers in a restricted area. While the attackers have to eliminate all defenders or capture the flag to win.

Kill the zombies - One team will play as hunters and other team will play as zombies. The aim of the game for hunters is to kill all the zombies. If the hunters get shot, the hunter will turn into a zombie to attack hunters but if the zombies get shot, zombies will have to leave the field.

Platoon - If your weren't dead before you played this game, you will want to be afterwards! Everyone is out for themselves. All players are targets, no teams. You do not die in this game until you run out of paintballs or just can't stand for the pain and surrender!

Bunny hunt - One person(bunny)must defend himself against a multitude of players. The object of the hunters is to find out the bunny and take him out! Hunters are restricted to carry limited paintballs while bunny can carry as much as he wish.
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