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Advance booking is necessary for all paintball games in Paintball Headquarters, please kindly follow the procedure as below :

Step 1 : Read through all the Terms & Conditions on our website before you make a booking.

Step 2 : Contact us to check if your preferred date and time is available or not. If it's available, we need you to provide informations (Name, contact no and number of players) for holding your booking.

Step 3 : In order to confirm your booking, you need to pay a deposit by the following ways :

2 HOURS BOOKING - deposit amount : HK$2,000 / deadline : 2 weeks before your booking date

3 HOURS BOOKING - deposit amount : HK$3,000 / deadline : 3 weeks before your booking date

4 HOURS BOOKING - deposit amount : HK$4,000 / deadline : 30 days before your booking date

*Booking deposits are non-refundable or non-transferable. No exceptions can be made.
*Postponing the time or date of booking are no longer possible once deposit were made. No exceptions can be made.
*Cancellation are not possible once deposit were made. No refund for a cancellation will be given. No exceptions can be made.  

Method A : By mailing a cheque to us.
Please issue the cheque payable to PAINTBALL UNION (H.K.) LTD. and write down your name, booking date at the back of your cheque for our reference.

Our address : Unit No. 2~3, G/F Po Lung Center, 11 Wang Chiu Road,Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Method B : By depositing money to our bank accounts :



*You can make a transfer to our account through any ATM machine if you have a BANK OF CHINA account.

*If you do not have a BANK OF CHINA account, you can use a cash deposit machine to make a transfer to us in any BANK OF CHINA BRANCHES .

*You can make a transfer to our account from any bank by internet transfer. Customers handle all necessary bank charges if needed.


Account holder : Paintball Union (H.K.) Ltd.

*Retain the receipt(advice) from the bank. Please write your name, booking date on your advice and email to confirm your booking. (Email : tommy@paintballun.com.hk)

Since bank account will only show deposit amount only so we are not able to confirm your payment if you can not provide a deposit receipt.

*We are not able to accept credit cards payment through internet or phone for deposit.

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